Sapkowski Reading Day Manifest (International version)


Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the greatest references of international fantasy literature. With his saga of Geralt of Rivia, he has reached millions of readers using an exquisite subtle and popular style, characteristic plot twists, unique characters and his particular rereading of the classics. All this leads to a rich, vibrant universe with a fierce criticism unusual in the genre of which it’s so easy to stay captivated that different products derived from his work, such as role-playing games, cards, comics, video games and even a Netflix series, among others. The White Wolf is known worldwide.

But, above all, he has formed a community that loves and follows his work and hasn’t stopped growing. That is why, from the Spanish community Universo The Witcher, we launch the proposal of an international day dedicated to reading the work of this author, the Sapkowski Reading Day.

With this we seek to bring together communities and readers from around the world on a common day in which, in person/online, we share opinions, experiences, quotes from books, readings of fragments or stories, etc. That we perform all kinds of events or events related to the literary production of Andrzej Sapkowski, including the trilogy of the Hussite Wars, without closing fans and followers any way they deem appropriate to honor the creator of these characters who are part of the fantastic literature at the same time that we promote literature in general and this genre in particular.

For our part, we propose that the day to celebrate is from April 30 to the eve of May 1. What is the reason for this date? Undoubtedly, it is one of the most emblematic dates of the saga, because not only takes place the Belleteyn festival, we would take advantage to celebrate if possible, in this date we have the birthdays of the two protagonists of the saga of Geralt of Rivia: Yennefer and Ciri. Likewise, it would be the coincidence of taking place next to the day of International Worker’s Day, which we can relate to one of the particular characteristics of Sapkowski’s work: its protagonist Geralt, after all, is a worker who does the job that, in other stories of fantasy or in the popular imagination, would be done by heroes or nobles, just by pure heroism or by religious feelings. Geralt is a professional who receives money for killing monsters that suppose a danger to the rest of the world. It is for all of this that we can not think of a better date.

From here, we call all the different communities and other groups that have to do with Sapkowski, such as an editorial, to get in touch with each other and organize as best as possible this first Sapkowski Reading Day, which we will also promote throughout social networks, from hashtags like #SapkowskiReadingDay or, in the Spanish-speaking world, #LeerSapkowski. We close this manifesto with the hope that this Belleteyn is full of encounters and is as magical as it is the world of birth.


Universo The Witcher

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